Local & Global Missions

Are you stirred up about Missions?

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, it’s easy to say there’s nothing we can do to stem the tide. But there is! Get involved. Remember, any donation you make toward Global Missions or Local Missions goes directly to that ministry. And mission volunteers are always welcome!

Global Mission Ministry

 Pasadena Community Church has covenants
with 5 missionaries on 5 continents.


Delbert Groves and wife, Sandy, left Orlando to be missionaries in Africa. After 8 years in the Congo, they were relocated to Zambia, where they started the New Life Center, with a focus on evangelism, print shop, and PET industry (Personal Energy Transport). 

Delbert is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Provisional Conference of Zambia.  Sandy Groves, with a medical background, is serving at the Center in community health, evangelism, and teaches English.  They have 4 adult sons and 4 grandchildren. 


Rev. Charles Mulemena of Zambia, formerly served with the Groves at New Life Center.  When commissioned missionary with Global Ministries, he was assigned to Belem, Brazil, where he is coordinator of the Council of Christian Churches in the Amazon Rain Forest region!  Currently he serves as pastor for 2 Methodist churches in Corozal, Belize.  Charles and his wife, Barbara have 4 small children. 


Alison Gilmore is serving in her home land as Counselor at East Belfast Mission, Northern Ireland.  The Counseling Center at this 170 year old Mission seeks to offer emotional healing to people after years of conflict in that area.  She is married to Florida’s Rev. Britt Gilmore currently serving  as pastor in a Methodist church in Belfast.  They are parents to 3 young children.



Rev. Leonardo Garcia of Cuba is Professor of Theology, at the Quessua School of Theology in Angola and serves as pastor and mentor for the Central United Methodist Church there.   He is also Doctor of Medicine (internal) with the Quessua Mission Health Center.  His Cuban wife, Dr. Cleivy Benitez Garcia, Doctor of Medicine (pediatrics), serves at the clinic and with the church, since she too, is ordained clergy.  They feed their family of  500 village children after worship every Sunday!


Rex Almquist, St. Petersburg, our own Pasadena  missionary, is Director for South East Asian Relief, Inc. (SEAR, Inc.).  His mission ministry over the years, has stretched from refugee families in Pinellas County to children and youth in Vietnam!  Much of his outreach overseas has been reduced, due to recent new restrictions, but his ministries with local Southeast Asians continue!


Rev. Nicole Logan

Associate Pastor
727.381.2499 ext. 205

Local Mission Ministry

To provide opportunities to reach out to those in need through such ministries as Pack-A-Sack 4 Kids and Mentoring at Gulfport Elementary School. Each week the Pack a Sack program provides delicious and nutritious food for the weekend for elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry. We need your financial support to keep this remarkable ministry going. 100% of what you contribute goes to food. How many charities can make that claim?

Our Progress

One year ago PCC fed 45 children. As we start a new school year, 2013 we are feeding 314 children every week. We need your support. Hear from our volunteers and see exactly where your money is going. 100% of your donation goes directly into feeding children. There is no overhead, no administrative costs -period. A dollar donation buys a dollar’s worth of food and feeds children. Few charities can say that.

For many years Pasadena Community Church has fed the hungry of Pinellas County through our Food Bank. But through Pack-a-Sack, we are stepping up to feed hungry children. We will adopt a school and pack a backpack of food for the children in that school who qualify for free lunches. The kids will take that backpack home on Friday afternoons and our healthy snacks will help those children through the weekend.

General Information

“Pack-A-Sack 4 Kids” is a community outreach program of United Methodist Cooperative Ministries/Suncoast, Inc., 1625 Union Street, Clearwater, Florida 33755 and area churches. The program is designed to help address the problem of chronic hunger among elementary age children in our public schools. This has been estimated to be approximately 10% of all children eligible for free lunch.

Our Goals

Working with selected Title I schools to identify those children on free or reduced lunch who meet the criteria of being chronically hungry or having food insecurity.
To provide to eligible students a nutritious group of snacks who might not have adequate food over the weekends during the academic year.