Memorial Service Information

When a loved one dies . . . We’re here to help.

We can help arrange for service:

  • In Goodwin Chapel (less than 110 to 125 people expected)
  • In the Sanctuary (more than 125 people expected) Limited DVD capability (see below)
  • At a Funeral Home, a cemetery or another location

As much as possible, we will accommodate the wishes of the family. A funeral or memorial service is a Service of Worship and our pastors have the final say as to the speakers and content of any written, photo or media presentations used for the service and if a reception is held on campus, for that as well. Special permission is required if the family wants a minister/officiate other than one on staff at PCC.

Barbara Posey

Director of Congregational Care

727.381.2499 ext. 214





What PCC provides:

Our Director of Congregational Care, Barbara Posey is the point person for coordinating everything including but not limited to:

  • Scheduling the day and time of the service
  • Scheduling where a service will be held on campus
  • Arranging for the pastor or officiate for the service
  • Working with our Event Coordinator if a cookie and punch reception is requested by a member
  • Arranging for the musicians, ushers, technical support persons, etc. who are needed
  • Printing an Order of Worship (Bulletin) for the service
  • Advising family regarding guest book, photo displays, flowers and DVD presentation (if applicable)



We ask for the family or those who are financially responsible for the deceased to contribute to the Church’s expenses of any Funeral or Memorial Service held on our campus or using our clergy or staff at another location. Payment is to be made prior to the service. Checks or cash need to be given to Pasadena Community Church to the “Bereavement Fund”.

Expenses are based on where the service is held and the size and complexity of it. We request this of everyone but it is expected from anyone who is not a part of our congregation.

(All content, visual and audio, of DVD’s must be available for review two working days before the service. Unfortunately, we do not have DVD capability in all locations on campus.)